Cooking-Class-Chef-NoororAl Bustan Rotana has organized a fun and refreshing gathering for a group of in-house guests and members of the media giving everyone the chance to relax, unwind and most importantly learn some exclusive secrets of Thai Cuisine directly from the famous Thai Master Chef and co-founder of the world-renowned chain of Blue Elephant restaurants, Chef Nooror Somany in a special cooking class.

As she is currently touring around the world, Chef Nooror insisted on visiting Blue Elephant restaurant at Al Bustan Rotana Dubai not only because it is one of the most important destinations in the area, but also to add her final touches on the restaurants exciting new menu. The star chef showcased, along with Christophe Prudhomme, Al Bustan Rotana’s Executive Chef a collection of starters and side dishes in addition to main courses and desserts which she personally prepared in front of the attendees.

Following this exciting activity, guests were given their own chef aprons and hats and they had the opportunity to prepare the dishes they have learned by themselves. They also received certificates signed by Chef Nooror and the restaurant’s Master Chef. Afterwards, the attendees of this exciting cooking class were all invited to an extravagant lunch where they indulged in the finest Royal Thai Dishes amidst the tropical setting of Blue Elephant Restaurant, complete with traditional Thai huts, waterfalls and lush greenery.