The Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara, which is located in the Liwa desert, in Abu Dhabi, has been awarded international Green Globe Certification (GGC), following a comprehensive sustainability audit conducted by Farnek Consulting, GGC’s preferred partner in the Middle East.

The 206-room hotel scored highly in all areas. The room management system which controls air conditioning and lighting has so far this year delivered a 22% reduction in electricity costs and there has been a 37% reduction in propane (LPG).

In addition the hotel has launched a waste segregation and recycling room, which creates awareness among all members of staff. The hotel now recycles 13% (an increase of 7%) of its overall garbage including plastic, glass, paper, cardboard and cooking oil. The hotel also has its own onsite sewerage treatment plant, drastically reducing water consumption, by reusing grey water to irrigate the hotel grounds.

According to Wael Soueid, general manager of the The Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara, each individual hotel can make a difference and collectively they can have a very positive impact, but management and staff have to remain committed.

“Sustainability is not a fad or a project it has to become integral to the operational procedure. We are a desert resort and whenever I look out of my hotel window, I am given a reminder of just how precious our water resources are. So naturally we are all acutely aware of our local environment and we have to accept responsibility for our own carbon footprint,” said Soueid.

“Not only must we reduce our water and energy consumption, we plan and coordinate deliveries from our suppliers to minimise fuel pollution and we manage our own waste, without compromising on guest comfort, or service,” he added.

GGC is the premier worldwide sustainability stamp for the tourism industry and more than 800 businesses in 50 countries have so far met the 337 exacting standards. Farnek Consulting currently has the rights to utilise the Green Globe brand, covering tourism properties within 20 different countries throughout the Middle East.

“In addition to its sustainable operation, the Qasr Al Sarab also incorporates a ‘green’ design which blends in seamlessly with the desert landscape, in keeping with Emirati cultural heritage. Even during construction, the developers had the foresight to minimise the carbon emissions from concrete by using geo-textile sandbags to build 5.5 kilometres of retaining walls,” said Sandrine Le Biavant, Division Manager, Farnek Consulting.

GGC certified hotels can also have access to Farnek’s web-based Hotel Optimiser technology, which enables them to track their performance of energy and water consumption as well as non-recyclable waste production, calculate their CO2 emissions and analyse the savings on operational costs.

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