pegasus-sushiPegasus Café received top marks from the world-famous airline hospitality expert and Airline Food Blogger Nikos Loukas.

Pegasus Café, aspiring to enrich its guests’ travel experiences and enable them to personalise their travels through offering a wide choice of pre-order meal options, recently hosted the world-famous Airline Food Blogger Nikos Loukas. Nikos Loukas, who travels around the world reviewing the in-flight menus of airlines based on their taste, quality, appearance, quantity and service, flew with Pegasus Airlines and awarded his Pegasus Café experience top marks.

Crediting Pegasus Café in his article as having one of the tastiest menus among the low-cost airlines he’s ever travelled with, Nikos Loukas emphasised that Pegasus guests who book their flights using ‘Pegasus Smart Packages’ are offered the choice of a variety of meals depending on the package they choose.

Nikos Loukas praised the diversity of the pre-order meal options -offering such varieties as chicken schnitzel and sushi-, selecting the Grilled Fillet Steak as his favourite dish in the menu.

Receiving exceptional marks in every category, Pegasus Café was awarded an average of 9.1 out of 10 points and continues to enrich Pegasus guests’ tastes and flying experience with the regular addition of new dishes. Nikos Loukas’s review is available on

Pegasus guests can browse through Pegasus Café’s delicious dishes on and pre-order their meals up to 24 hours prior to their travel, making their journey even more enjoyable with meals that match their culinary cravings and delight their taste buds.