Hossam Kamal Abu AlKhair the Minister of Civil Aviation said that both Hurghada (HRG) and Sharm El Shiekh (SSH) airports operate normally with full capacity after being hit by torrential rain yesterday, due to the wave of bad weather that affected some cities in Egypt, Kamal also said that the wave of torrential rains affected was the strongest in twenty years. Both airports operated 284 flights yesterday. He stressed that all employees and all airport authorities have exerted strenuous efforts in difficult conditions for the continuation of flight operation in both airports.

Gad El Karim Nasr, the Chairman of the Egyptian Airports Company flew this morning to Hurghada Airport to supervise the maintenance procedures for a small part of the roof of one of the airport halls that has been affected by the heavy rain. This procedure is expected to finish before the end of this week. It is known that this hall was established in 1992.

Today Hurghada Airport operates 79 flights and since early morning 34 flights have been departed. The airport received yesterday more than 10 thousand passengers from various foreign countries who aim to their vacations in Hurghada. It is worth mentioning that the new terminal building project at Hurghada Airport which is expected to open this year is designed to withstand such a violent weather conditions which are very rare in this part of the world.