Royal Jordanian expressed appreciation to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research for its contribution to the success of the scholarships program that RJ launched on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.

Secretary General at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Prof. Mustafa Al Adwan, RJ Head of Human Resources and Administration Department Rana Sweiss, the students who were awarded the scholarships and their parents were present at a ceremony held on the ministry’s premises.

Sweiss expressed RJ’s gratitude to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and to the team that selected the candidates and will follow up on the students’ academic performance during the period of study, in cooperation with RJ, which finances the program.

She noted that the ambitious scholarships program comes to boost RJ’s pioneering role in the society, a role it has been playing since its establishment. It reflects RJ’s keenness to provide educational opportunities to students who lack financial capabilities, enabling them to pursue higher education.

Prof. Adwan said that the ministry was able to offer scholarships and grants to a big number of students due to the cooperation of some national companies. He thanked Royal Jordanian for its support for outstanding students.

Almost 53,000 students submitted applications for scholarships in 2014; of these, about 42,000 were given grants, said the secretary general, adding that the ministry exerts continuous efforts to garner such contributions to back the students’ ambitions.

Sweiss delivered a shield of appreciation to Prof. Adwan, expressing Royal Jordanian’s thankfulness to the ministry.

She called upon the selected students to benefit from this distinguished program, adding that the company will look into the possibility of offering them job opportunities after they finish their studies.

The RJ scholarships program entails financing the university dues of 50 bachelor degree students, of which 30 scholarships will go to outstanding achievers from the Jordanian community, 15 to the children of RJ employees and five to children of retired RJ employees.

A committee from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research studied the scholarship eligibility requirements, of which most significant are an outstanding academic score and the household income, before deciding on the winners. The criteria for accepting the children of the current RJ employees and of the retired RJ employees took into consideration the average of the general secondary examination, the years of service of the parent at RJ, the household income and the number of siblings attending college concurrently.

This scholarship program is distinguished for being comprehensive: the students will also attend extra-curricular courses, like computer, English, and communications skills.

The undergraduate fields of study should relate to RJ’s fields of work, thus synchronizing with the airline’s future need of manpower. Scholarships are distributed for the following majors: engineering (industrial, mechanical and mechatronics), IT, finance, accounting, business administration and Management Information System (MIS).

Attending were RJ’s Head of Inflight Services and Product Department Bilal Malkawi and Executive Assistant to the president/Corporate Social Responsibility Iman Rihani.