The Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority unveiled its  new tourism portal, Sharjah My Destination, and  Sharjah Interactive Touchscreen Application on Tuesday at the Gitex 2014 exhibition being held in Dubai, from 12 to 16 October, 2014.


Speaking about the new website, Sharjah My Destination,, HE Mohamed Ali Al Noman, Chairman, Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority emphasised that a great deal of effort, planning and research has gone into envisioning and executing the new website.



“Our efforts have been aimed at making the new tourism portal truly user-friendly, interactive and fun. It will capture life in Sharjah and celebrate its uniqueness as the Capital of Arab and Islamic Culture and a global tourism destination with a difference,” said the SCTDA Chairman.


Al Noman said that the visitors to the new website will find it very useful in getting a feel of and insight into Sharjah as a tourism and investment destination as well as the cultural, educational and industrial hub that it has been for decades.


“The new site not just showcases Sharjah’s numerous tourist attractions, its museums, mosques, various international festivals, universities, hotels, restaurants, it creates a virtual Sharjah experience offering an essential guide to living, experiencing and investing in this beautiful emirate. From basic tips such as ‘Planning Your Trip, Getting There and Getting Around’ to Where to Stay, Explore Sharjah, Invest in Sharjah, Work in Sharjah’ every essential aspect has been covered,” he said.


“The new portal offers all the information and statistics you need to know and understand Sharjah — its climate, rich culture, history, selection of events and festivals, natural resources, accommodation options and investment, leisure and shopping opportunities. “


Al Noman said that the new tourism portal, Sharjah My Destination will be immensely useful to both new visitors and investors every step of the way. The portal also offers a ‘Contact Us’ option enabling site visitors and guests to offer their feedback, seek help or share experiences.

Talking about the much awaited Sharjah Interactive Touchscreen App, Al Noman hoped it will be received well by international visitors, investors and residents. Following the same concept, principle and pattern as the new Sharjah My Destination portal, the Interactive Touchscreen App opens a whole new world of experience to visitors, investors and residents, putting everything you need to know about Sharjah at your fingertips.

“The visitors can explore Sharjah and all that there is to discover about this beautiful emirate of ours with the help of this Touchscreen Application — from shopping to leisure and from heritage to history to eating out,” said Al Noman.

Moreover, the new application includes an interactive map for the Emirate of Sharjah that enables the user to explore the four main cities of the Emirate through a clear directory tool, he added.

Large touchscreen monitors will be placed all over Sharjah — at key government offices, tourist attractions and sites.  The Touchscreen App is a great tool and invaluable gift for tourists and residents, said Al Noman pointing out that the Touchscreen App will put the Sharjah experience at their fingertips.

The Interactive Touchscreen App had been hugely successful when it was introduced at various international tourism exhibitions, he added.

Al Noman expressed his happiness that the new Sharjah website and Interactive Touchscreen App are being launched at a time when the Emirate is being celebrated as the Islamic Culture Capital for 2014 and is ready to be crowned the Capital of Arab Tourism for 2015.

It’s worth mentioning that SCTDA has also launched a new corporate website,, which is essentially a business-to-business platform and offers a peek into the Authority’s corporate profile and its role as the brand ambassador of Sharjah, regulating body and leader of Sharjah’s tourism and hospitality sector.