sharjah-tourist-guidesThe Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority is completing its tenth course of Tourist Guide Licensing and Training in collaboration with the University of Sharjah.   The course is running from June 8 to 19, 2014, and involves lectures delivered by highly respected professionals who provide the underpinning knowledge to complement the practical training by experts. The course is packed with workshops and field visits to all the major landmarks in Sharjah.

The latest group of applicants for the Tourist Guides Licensing and Training Program come from diverse backgrounds reflecting the changing visitor demographics to the Emirate. There are 11 different nationalities including the United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, France, Russia, Japan, China, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland and Tunisia represented on this course and most of these participants are already working as professional tourist guides. Under the new guidelines it is a legal requirement Tourist Guides working in the Sharjah’s tourism sector are licensed.