The Arabian Nights Village in Abu Dhabi has announced the addition of a new team building treasure hunt to its programme of corporate activities. The new challenge will incorporate clue-solving and desert-survival tactics in the dunes to build team morale among colleagues.

“Exercises will provide clues guiding the teams safely back to the village. This will be slightly more physically challenging than some of our other challenges, but the teams will learn desert survival skills and the secrets to Bedouin life,” explains Randa Darwich, Group Sales Manager, Arabian Nights Village.

The desert-based team exercises were introduced in October 2013 and have proved successful with a variety of corporate backgrounds. This latest challenge joins two existing packages which promise the ultimate boardroom alternative.

Alternative team building packages include ‘Quick Shelter’ which challenges teams to erect tents in the desert sand in the shortest period of time, all within the confines of the Village and with the necessary components provided.

“It’s a light introduction to desert survival skills and touches on traditional Emirati life, as the participants learn how to quickly make shade from the hot desert sun,” claims Randa.

The activity suits groups of up to thirty, with a maximum of five groups of six, and is priced at AED 450 (£73 GBP) per person including desert activities, lunch and return transportation to the Arabian Nights Village.

The ‘Desert Chef’ adventure, on the other hand, challenges more gastronomically adventurous teams to make the most delicious culinary creation, using basic ingredients such as fresh vegetables and breads. With the saying ‘too many cooks in the kitchen’ being particularly appropriate, there are plenty of lessons in team work to be learned. The Village’s own Head Chef judges the dishes based on taste and presentation.

Groups of up to forty can participate in this activity, with a maximum of four teams of ten, and is priced at AED 450 (£73 GBP) per person including desert activities, lunch and return transportation to the Arabian Nights Village.

“We see participants enjoying solving problems hands-on, as a team. It’s a chance for them to do something extraordinary. They’re used to training conducted in meeting rooms – but here they’re outside, in fresh air with beautiful desert landscape around”.

“They have to communicate with each other in ways they may not be used to – so it’s definitely a great environment to allow participants to step out of their comfort zone for a little while in a safe and supportive setting,” explained Randa. “And from the feedback we’ve received, this definitely proves beneficial in improving team work and spirit.”

The Arabian Nights Village, found an hour’s drive away from Abu Dhabi, is one of the UAE’s leading residential desert destinations and boasts beautiful views of the expansive desert and camel herds grazing nearby. It is the only one with ‘glamping’ accommodation, which involves air-conditioned tents adorned with traditional sadu weave-work.  The Arabian Nights Village also offers a wide range of family activities such as camel rides, desert quad-biking, 4×4 dune bashing, sand-boarding and traditional henna skin decorations.