The Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority has launched an intensive, 10-day long inspection campaign at 107 hotel facilities in the Emirate to ensure the highest levels of services are provided to the emirate’s guests, especially in enforcing health, hygiene and environment guidelines with a 20-day deadline to carry out maintenance, said HE Khalid Jasim Al Midfa, Director General, Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority.

Al Midfa underlined the need to constantly follow up on the pace of development and level of services provided by the industry partners to Sharjah’s increasing number of guests, year after year. Sharjah received more than a million hotel guests during the first half of this year, he said emphasising the role played by hotel establishments and the quality of hospitality and services they offer in attracting visitors and contributing to the tourism sector in the emirate.


The Director General said that the Authority has been holding regular meetings with hotel industry partners and management to discuss the latest trends and developments in the tourism and hospitality industry around the world and the latest standards that have to be applied in the sector in the emirate. There has been continuous cooperation and coordination between the Authority and industry partners to ensure smooth and world-class services during major events, festivals and exhibitions hosted by the emirate that attract thousands of  guests and tourists.

Al Midfa said that that the SCTDA is busy with the preparations for the grand celebrations marking the Capital of Arab Tourism Award for 2015 for Sharjah, which requires greater efforts by all stakeholders to provide the best tourism experience for international visitors and hotel guests during various events and international festivals lined up for next year. Referring to the tourism sector’s growth in Sharjah, Al Midfa said that a number of new hotel facilities have opened up in recent months in the emirate not to mention those major luxury hotel and resort projects being launched by international hospitality players in the coming years.

The Authority recently held a series of meetings with hotel managements in the emirate to strengthen mutual cooperation and to discuss the improvement of services, particularly with regard to the accommodation and transport arrangements made for hundreds of delegates of the Sharjah International Book Fair.