Green-Building-TechniquesWith hotel developments increasingly having to adhere to new ‘green’ build techniques and practices and sustainability a growing concern worldwide.

This year’s Hotel Show in Dubai will see a number of features and initiatives focused on the issue.

Partnering with the Italian architecture studio WT Project, The Hotel Show will introduce the ‘FUTURE HOTEL’ – sustainable design feature.  Located in Hall 8, ‘FUTURE HOTEL’ will showcase internationally renowned brands, their products, design concepts and future trend predictions for building design. Creations and videos with innovative solutions that demonstrate the application of latest technologies applied to architecture such as, climate protection solutions including ventilated facades articulated according to building orientation, surfaces that integrate various regenerative energy production methods, geothermic systems, photovoltaic and photocatalytic materials.

Taking inspiration from the structure and functioning of cactus plants, the OASI Skyscraper is one of several new sustainable architectural design concepts that WT Project will present at the Hotel Show.