October 27 to November 2, 2014, the International Feminine Congress for a Culture of Peace “Women’s Turn to Speak”, under the patronage of the President of Algeria, will be held at Oran and Mostaganem in Algeria. Organized by AISA International NGO and the Djanatu al-Arif Foundation, this conference aims to initiate reflection on the importance of women and the feminine in the Muslim tradition in order to generate a profound change in our society where men and women should be equal and responsible. The Congress will try to highlight the key function of the feminine in the establishment of a culture of peace that will promote “better living together” which is so essential to our humanity.


More than 54 speakers and 3,000 delegates from around the world will gather for a week of major conferences, workshops, exhibitions and evening events illustrating the themes of the conference.

This conference will focus on five axes: Axis 1 – Different Perspectives; Axis 2 – Ethics and Education; Axis 3 -Tradition and Modernity; Axis 4 – Veiling and Unveiling; Axis 5 – Feminine and Culture of Peace.

October 28, 2014

October 28 will be devoted to the study of Axis 1 – Different Perspectives.

For years, the male-female stereotypes have been deeply rooted in the collective consciousness of humanity, despite a significant change in attitudes. They reflect the rigid and simplistic image of the woman that reduces her only to her appearance, thereby creating individual and societal imbalances, and a gender conflict that is increasing. Through different perspectives that humanity brings to the feminine and by a return to consciousness of primordial unity, let us work towards a reconciliation of the feminine with the masculine.

Topics to be covered during the day:

  • Female:  To be or to appear to be, Olfa Youssef (TN), Islamic scholar, a specialist in religious thought, dialogue between civilizations and issues related to women
  • Female-male: Beyond gender, Audrey Fella (UK), a specialist in religion, women and Christian mysticism; historian and journalist for La Croix, Le Monde des Religions and Pray.
  • Reconciliation of femininity and masculinity as a vehicle for peace, Valerie Colin-Simard (FR), journalist, literary critic, psychotherapist
  • Violence against women – what works? Imane Hayef (UN Women, ALG), Anissa Smati-Bellahsene (Wasilla Network, ALG), Nadia Ait Zai (Collectif Maghreb Egalité, ALG)
  • Breaking with feminine stereotypes, Issam Toualbi-Thaalibi (Specialist dialogue of cultures, religions and civilizations, ALG), Benedicte De Navacelle (Doctor in International and European Law, FR)
  • A better distribution of roles and responsibilities, Wassyla Tamzali (Collectif Maghreb Egalité, a lawyer and journalist, ALG), Valerie Colin-Simard (journalist, literary critic, psychotherapist, FR)
  • Feminine Mystique, Houria Abdelouahed (Religions of the Book Centre, FR), Audrey Fella (historian, FR), Eric Geoffroy (Islamic scholar, FR), Manijeh Nouri (author and translator, FR)
  • The Feminine in the Qur’an, Tahar Gaïd (writer, translator and researcher, ALG), Carmen Del Rio Pereda (writer and translator, ES)
  • The sacred relationship with the mother, Ivan Rendon Llamas (Therapy of the soul, SP)

“Around the world, women and men are waiting with hope and anticipation for the establishment of equality between the genders. The First World Congress on relations between men and women in the Muslim culture wants to carry this vital message that must be heard everywhere because it will bring a profound reflection and a new concrete vision into the destiny of our lives, “says Sheikh Khaled BENTOUNES, spiritual leader of the Sufi path Alawiyya, the organizer of this conference. For Sheikh Khaled Bentounes, this meeting is a great step forward for gender equality, an inevitable way to build a true culture of peace. “This conference is essential. Every day we are bombarded with information and images of conflict, violence and misery, the consequences of the irrational behaviour of our fellow human beings. Yet the desire for peace has never been greater. ”

Information about the International Feminine Congress is available on the website at: www.congres-international-feminin.org.