izmir-cvbIn order to help Izmir to attract many more international meetings, incentives, conventions and events in a cost-effective and creative manner Izmir Convention & Visitors Bureau has designed a social media strategy focusing on LinkedIn and gradually started implementing our marketing plan.

Izmir Convention & Visitors Bureau’s Marketing & Foreign Relations Executive, Mr. Kerim Güleç said, “As of the 9th of September 2014, our post titled “Meetin Izmir: The M.I.C.E. 2.0 Social Marketing Campaign” and shared on LinkedIn, has reached more than 1.500 followers in just 2.5 months. Are you asking who have been following? From ICCA President Candidate Mrs. Handan Boyce to Mister Holland, we have reached a very wide yet relevant audience including meeting and event planners and organizers, leisure-tourism professionals, destination marketing gurus and social media experts from all around the world, and, what is more, they have found this share both warm and original”.




“We have even started receiving inquiries and proposals regarding our partner accommodations and meeting facilities through our post “pulsing” on LinkedIn.  By the help of social media integration and automation and with a delay of only 5 minutes, we are now able to announce all the professionals, who have started following us on LinkedIn, on our social channels consisting of Facebook and Twitter,” added Mr. Güleç.

Through the campaign blog of which Izmir CVB has been developing, it would become possible to do giveaways, design sweepstakes, and have meeting planners and event organizers abroad to apply for site inspection trips to Izmir, Turkey.

You can support this special cause and project by liking and sharing our post on LinkedIn at www.meetinizmir.net and mention the hashtags of #izmircvb, #meetinizmir, and #themicebooklet on your social outlets to help us attract attention to Izmir, Turkey’s great M.I.C.E. potential.