Euromonitor International released the World Travel Market Global Trends Report 2014.

For nine years, the WTM Global Trends Report by Euromonitor has accurately predicted future travel trends. The 2014 report trends are highlighted below:

Golfers evolving into cycling MAMILs in North America

The rise in popularity of cycling poses a threat to golf tourism as middle aged men swap their clubs for bikes, hence the rise of MAMILs: Middle-Aged-Men-In-Lycra.

Stylish and cost-conscious Brits embrace “Poshtels”

Design-led hostels across the UK, or “poshtels”, are gaining in popularity, representing a viable accommodation option for different traveller segments.

wearable-techPeer-to-peer dining on the menu in Europe

Riding the success of the peer-to-peer trend, new European start-ups offer visitors in-home meals, cooking lessons and guided tours around foodie hotspots.

Designers helping to change Middle East perceptions

The Middle East is repositioning itself with design tourism, helping to revitalise visitor arrivals and attract creative minds.

Africa tipped to become surfing capital of the world

African countries are gaining a foothold in surfing, benefiting intra-regional and domestic travel.

Messaging apps become transactional in China

WeChat, the second largest global messaging service after WhatsApp, has emerged as a viable sales channel for Chinese travel companies with customer service, bookings and payments.

Digital shift to drive expansion of Indian rail network

Online and mobile bookings for India’s rail network represent a strong driver for travel and tourism, recognised by the new government as a vital component for the country’s overall growth.

Hotel “Braggies”: the new selfies

Hotel chains are further developing their social media marketing strategies with reward schemes set up to encourage “braggies”, where guests take photos in the hotel and upload the images to social media.

Wearables to drive travel’s next phase of E-commerce

Wearable electronic technology will be mainstream by 2016, with travel brands embracing this trend as part of their customer service and distribution mix.

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