The Om/One speaker prototype pulls off the nifty trick of floating in the air and spinning while it plays your favorite tunes.

The Om/One consists of a base and a round speaker that levitates above it, spinning gently, thanks to a magnetic base. You can grab the sphere and take it with you as a portable speaker or let it hang out above the stand and play audio. It also includes a microphone so it can be used to conduct phone conversations as well. The battery life of the final version is expected to be up to 15 hours, which would be impressive even without the magnetic levitation trick.

CA_om-one-final-updated.1Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, the levitating ability also reduces the waste of amplification energy, leaving its audience with crisp, clear sounds at up to 110 decibels.

Om/One is available in three colors: basic black, basic white, and get-your-bell-bottoms-on disco ball. Get the disco ball, even though it’s going to cost you a $299 pledge.