Etihad Airways is holding eleven recruitment days in March 2015, seeking individuals with outstanding hospitality experience to join its World’s Leading Airline Cabin Crew.

The international recruitment days will take place in six cities around the world. The cabin crew recruitment team will be collecting CVs in Amman, Bucharest, Casablanca and Munich. The airline will also host invitation only assessments for cabin crew in Abu Dhabi and Narita, Japan.  For more information or to apply, applicants should visit

The airline’s open days in Abu Dhabi on 9 and 23 March will be held to recruit Food and Beverage Managers and Inflight Chefs. These open days will offer people the opportunity to meet Etihad Airways’ recruitment specialists, gain more information about living in Abu Dhabi and discover the dynamics of working with guests dining at 40,000 feet.

International cabin crew recruitment days

  • Amman: 9 March 2015 (CV Drop)
  • Bucharest: 9 March 2015 (CV Drop)
  • Casablanca: 16 March 2015 (CV Drop)
  • Munich: 23 March 2015 (CV Drop)
  • Abu Dhabi: 4,11,18 & 25 March 2015 (Invite Only)
  • Narita  31 March 2015 (Invite Only) (Japanese Speakers Only)
  • Abu Dhabi 9, 23 March 2015 (Open Days for Food and Beverage Managers and Inflight Chefs Only)