Jazeera Airways released its November 2014 Operational Performance Report today, which shows a 7% increase in total flown passengers from November 2013, and an on-time performance of 95%.

Jazeera Airways issues its Operational Performance Report on both a monthly and annual basis. The Report is based on official figures and statistics from Kuwait’s Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGCA). The airline’s on-time performance is based on its reporting, in comparison to results by the independent US-based OTP tracker, FlightStats.

Jazeera Airways saw a 7% increase in flown passengers from November 2013 on routes serving Istanbul , Beirut and Amman. The increase in flown passengers comes during a low-season month when families return from summer holidays into the school season.

Flown passengers also increased on routes serving Egypt, increasing by 10% from November 2013 to the five cities served during the month, compared to six cities served in November 2013. The decrease in number of cities served comes after the Assiut International Airport was momentarily closed for renovations.

On routes serving the Gulf cities of Dubai , Bahrain, Jeddah and Riyadh, Jazeera Airways saw a 9% increase in flown passengers from November 2013.