Qatar Airways has announced its latest TV and movie premieres for the month of April while also unveiling an entirely refreshed “look and feel” for its on-board entertainment system.

Movies that will premiere on board in April include The Hobbit 3, Selma and Mr.Turner, while simultaneously new family movies will include Flight of The Navigator and Pacific Rim. A collection of 10 Meryl Streep classics including, Mamma Mia, The Devil Wears Prada and The Bridges of Madison County, will also launch in April and will be available on board until the end of July.

A wide selection of new Arabic and Bollywood movies including Royal Love, The Sleeper, Bang Bang and Action Jackson will also all premiere on board in April.

The new design of the inflight entertainment system will bring it into line with Qatar Airways’ corporate style by incorporating the airline’s familiar burgundy colour. Over the coming months, this new design will be implemented across the fleet giving passengers a consistent experience and look and feel whenever they fly, no matter which aircraft they travel on.

This enhancement in the user experience builds upon the fact that the five-star airline is also increasing its number of movies and TV shows on board from 950 to up to 2,000, providing its passengers with a doubly enhanced service.

Passengers flying on Qatar Airways flights served by its B787, A350, A380, A319 and select A330 aircraft can also stay in touch with their friends and family around the world by using the five-star airline’s on-board Wifi and GSM service. A simple-to-use portal makes it easy for passengers to log on and connect, and then browse the Internet or post on their social media channels directly from the comfort of their seats, reaffirming Qatar Airways’ commitment to providing a superior on-board service.

Additions to the programme of entertainment include the latest season of Downton Abbey, Gotham, The Big Bang Theory and The Missing, all of which expand upon the existing popular library of content on board Qatar Airways, which includes full box sets of movies such as the Harry Potter series; The Lord of the Rings trilogy; The Dark Knight trilogy; the X-Men series; the Matrix series; the Aliens titles and all the Twilight movies.

Qatar Airways provides its passengers with access to a wide range of up to 2,000 entertainment options on board, including movies, TV, games and audio on Oryx Entertainment each month. From the latest Hollywood premieres to the best of Bollywood, Arabic blockbusters, children’s films, cinema classics, and much more, Oryx Entertainment offers passengers hours of enjoyment in the sky.