Royal Jordanian diverted flight RJ 264, a Boeing 787 from Chicago to Amman, four hours after its departure; it landed at Montreal Airport on March 16 to provide first aid to a passenger.

The 70-year-old Jordanian female passenger suddenly felt extreme fatigue during the flight, which made the captain request permission to land at the nearest airport to offer her treatment as quickly as possible.

The move is in line with Royal Jordanian regulation in case a passenger falls sick during a flight.

An ambulance was waiting upon landing, and the passenger was accompanied by Royal Jordanian’s employees at Montreal station to one of the hospitals close to the airport.

The plane, with 224 passengers on board, resumed its flight to Amman after a two-hour delay in Montreal.

Royal Jordanian strives to ensure the comfort and safety of passengers, which is a priority for the airline despite the high cost incurred in case of emergency landings, due to additional fuel consumption and the airport landing and take-off fees and over flying charges.