The number of Saudi tourists that visited Turkey last year is up 30 percent compared to the previous year.

Turkish Airlines Manager for Riyadh Erol Senol said 320,000 Saudis visited Turkey last year. He said Turkish Airlines began operations in Saudi Arabia in 1977. Operations in Riyadh started 24 years ago, and in 2011 a branch was launched under the Turkish Airlines name in the Kingdom.

Mustafa Goksu, senior advisor from the Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey said Saudi businessmen are showing increasing interest in the country. Currently, there is SR13 billion worth of Saudi investments in the country, which includes SR3.75 billion in the real estate sector.

“Our country offers attractive investment opportunities for Saudi businessmen.” He said there is an incentive scheme in place for investors from the Kingdom. The country would also be more stable after elections in June, he said.
Source: Arab News