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Turkish Airlines invited participants from around the world to submit photos for its Skylife inflight magazine contest which highlighted the many destinations accessible on Turkish Airlines. The theme of the contest, “Widen your World”, was chosen to focus on the different cultures, people and perspectives that make traveling such an enriching experience.

The contest was held in conjunction with FIAP–The International Federation of Photographic Art—which endorses “events with a marked international character and accessible to participants from all over the world without restrictions.”

This year’s competition concluded with photographers from 68 countries submitted a total of 5,017 photo entries.

Renowned French photographer Bruno Barbey was one of the panel judges.  The winners, determined in cooperation with the Photographic Arts Federation of Turkey, were announced October 15, 2015.

Jury Members of The Competition;

  • Ahmet SEL – Turkey
  • Bruno BARBEY – France
  • Ercan AKÇAY – Turkey
  • Gary EDWARDS – Spain
  • Merih AKOĞLU – Turkey
  • Michael DENKER – Spain
  • Özer KANBUROĞLU – AFIAP Turkey
  • Serkan TURAÇ FIAP – UPI Turkey

Apart from the first 3 medal-awarded photographs, six photos won the FIAP Honorable Mention, and 69 other photos won the Special Exhibition award.

Mürsel Yağcıoğlu, from Turkey, was declared as the winner of the 2nd Annual International Skylife Photo Contest, also being the winner of both FIAP Gold Medal and $15,000 Turkish Airlines flight credit to any destination. Hamed Al Ghanboosi, from Oman, won the Silver Medal for second place, while Hassan Altaif, from Bahrain, claimed the Bronze Medal for third place.

Award Winners;

  • FIAP Gold Medal + $15,000 flight credit: Mürsel Yağcıoğlu


  • FIAP Silver Medal + $5,000 flight credit: Hamed Al Ghanboosi


  • FIAP Bronze Medal + $ 2,000 flight credit: Hassan Altaif


  • FIAP Honorable Mention (6 awardees)
  • Juried Exhibition (Top 100 photos)
  • FIAP Best Photographer Award (went to the photographer whose photo was the most displayed and received most awards in total.)