epic-sportsfanTurkish Airlines continues to support sports with a new campaign which the carrier invites the epic sports fan to travel from 28th March to 20th April to 7 different countries for 10 sports events and meet Messi and Drogba in person.

The campaign is arranged as a job ad to underline the fact that being a sports fan is a serious issue. For participation, the fans are supposed to fill the form in the web site www.epicsportsfan.com in first place. On filling the form, candidates must upload a video or photo either to Instagram, Vine or Twitter to prove that they are the epic sports fan using #EpicFan.

Required qualification for the candidates are creativity, experienced in watching sports, high level of communication skills, good knowledge in using social media, having the sense of responsibility, fast paced and solution oriented, compatible with teamwork, English speaking (preferred) and no restrictions on travelling dates.

Within 24 days, the winner whom is chosen by the selection committee is going to attend the basketball, football, tennis and golf events in Japan, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, France, U.K and U.A.E; and meet Messi and Drogba in person.

Due date to join in the campaign is 13th March 2015. The sports fans that would like to take their chances and ask for the details, may visit www.epicsportsfan.com.