Dubai Tourist visas issued in Dubai have just become costlier and non-extendable. Travel agents and tour operators said that the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai has increased the cost of the single entry, 30-day tourist visa.

The cost of the single entry, 30-day tourist visa has increased from Dh210 to Dh250 from January 1, and has withdrawn the 10-day grace period and the option to extend it for a month.

Kulwant Singh Lama of Lama Tours, which issues around 150,000 visas a year, said: “It is a small increase and the visa cost remains lower than in many Western countries where it can go up to Dh600.”

He said: “The non-extension clause will ensure that people will no longer misuse tourist visas. Tourist visas will now be used only by genuine tourists who want to see Dubai and all the amazing things it offers, including the hotel packages, tours and safaris.”

Mohammad Faris of Adonis Tourism said: “According to GDRFA’s new rules starting January 1, the tourist visa for 30 days cannot be extended anymore.”
Source: Gulf News