amman-abdali-jordanJordan Tourism Board ( JTB ) and Visa Inc. agreed on a five-year plan to promote the Kingdom’s tourism experience through providing special rates and offers in restaurants, hotels and tourist sites for Visa card holders from around the world.

“The value of such agreements is not limited to the increase in tourists, but to the periodic assessment reports we provide the countries with on tourism trends and preferences,” said Nabil Tabbara, the corporation’s general manager in the Levant region.

“Despite being tasked with promoting the Kingdom’s tourism sector globally, JTB is operating with a ‘very modest’ budget; while neighbouring countries promote their tourist sites through budgets between $200 to $600 million, we only have a JD7.5 million ($10.5 million) budget”, said JTB Managing Director Abed Al Razzaq Arabiyat.

The agreement entails providing JTB with periodical reports that analyse Visa spending data, where card holders are coming from, how much are they spending and what are they buying. JTB will be able to understand tourism market needs and how they can better attract tourists and strengthen competitiveness.
Source: Jordan Times