Charting a path of remarkable growth and distinguished achievements in a journey spanning over three and a half decades, the Lals Group is a pioneering leader in the retail, shopping Malls and FMCG distribution sector within the GCC region. On the momentous event of their 35th Anniversary, the commerce conglomerate has recently unveiled the Group’s new brand identity. “We are committed to providing great value and superior product with excellent service. It is a promise we make to our customers, our partners and ourselves. It forms the core of the company,” explains Jayant Ganwani, Vice Chairman and CEO of Lals Group.

Since its initial stages as a trading start-up in the United Arab Emirates, the present-day portfolio of Lals Group consists of over 2.5 million square feet of combined retail space, 130 outlets, and a growing representation of leading global brands as well as household favourites. Throughout their expansion, the Group has preserved its intrinsic core – of adding value to customers’ lives, and concentrated on stimulating growth through new product and service offerings. It is this philosophy that drives their success and unites their diversified interests. Having woven the ‘Value’ philosophy into its business fabric, Lals Group exemplified the term in every area from product and price to customer satisfaction, forming the cornerstone of their business strategy.

The Group’s diverse portfolio ranging from shopping malls and clothing brands to furniture offers something for everyone which is family, lifestyle and value-centric. The success of Lamcy Plaza and Arabian Centre has established Lals as a household name in the region; further reinforced by home grown concepts namely Homes r us, Fitness 360, Passion and Style Studio. They are also proud custodians of internationally acclaimed brands such as Carter’s, Lucky Brand, Daiso, Bossini and G2000 amongst others.

The benchmark of quality has always been the primary focus for the Group and they have also insisted on remarkable diligence in offering value additions across every aspect of their operations. Al Jazeera Poultry Farm was the first to produce DHA Omega 3 eggs in the region, whilst Bread Boutique offers specialty baked treats made with natural ingredients free from artificial additives. ‘In all our ventures, we have focused on achieving customer satisfaction. This is why the retail experiences at Lals Group spell value, style, comfort and utility all at the same time.

The new brand identity articulates the deep connection to their heritage, long-held values, and commitment to their customers, and is also symbolic of the company’s expansion and diversification into new frontiers beyond the retail platform. ‘The growth of any business will depend largely on its ability to adapt to changing environments, and I am thankful to every customer who has placed their trust in our brands and our company’, remarks Ganwani.

The new image of the Group highlights this rich legacy and encompasses their aspiration to deliver the highest possible standards of service to their customers from various walks of life in the future.