King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia selects French Riviera for his summer vacation. He is bringing with him no fewer than 1,000 people from his entourage. While the king’s three-week visit is a boon for the local economy, it has also sparked anger due to the closure of a public beach for the privacy and security of the royal party.

The king’s inner circle will be put up at the family’s private villa, which stretches across a kilometre of Riviera coastline between Antibes and Marseille.

Some 700 other members of his entourage will be accommodated at top hotels on the promenade in Cannes.

“Clearly this is good news,” said Michel Chevillon, president of an association representing hotel managers in Cannes. “These are people with great purchasing power, which will pep up not only the luxury-hotel industry but also the retail and tourism sectors of the town,” said Chevillon.

However not everyone is happy with king’s arrival since the entire kilometer of public beach will be cordoned off for security and privacy reasons and coastguards will stop anyone coming within 300 meters of the villa by sea.