TunisAfter the March 18’s attack at the National Bardo Museum in Tunis that killed 21 foreign tourists, Tunisia tourism industry is hoping to save the summer season. Recently, Tunisian Tourism Minister Salma Rekik announced that security would be enhanced at popular tourist sites as well as along routes to those sites including airports.

Ben Salah, president of the Tunisian Hotel Federation, said “It’s difficult to be optimistic for the tourist season, but we will try to save the situation somewhat.”

France is the number one source of Tunisia’s visitors, and its National Union of Travel Agencies says bookings are off by 60 percent since the museum attack compared with a year earlier.

The authorities have launched a #TUNISIAILLBETHERE poster campaign in major cities across Europe with the support of a host of celebrities.

A website shows photos of happy individuals — men and women, old and young — holding up a sign with that message in Tunisia’s signature red and white colours, or alternatively in Dutch, French, German, Italian or Polish.

More campaigns are anticipated as the summer draws closer.