Ebola_VirusThe ban on granting Umrah visas to visitors coming from countries hit with the Ebola virus is still in place at the beginning of this Umrah season.

The ban comes from various bodies which advise competent agencies not to grant visa if it is found that the country in question is still infected with the virus.

The official confirmed that no Ebola case has yet been recorded in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since the beginning of the season. Authorities in the Kingdom will apply strict procedures against some African countries and will deal with them according to the specified mechanisms.

A secure path was established which does not pass through security checkpoints at airports or land crossings. A health questionnaire has also been distributed so that doctors can identify suspected cases of Ebola.

If someone is suspected of being infected with the virus, the person is immediately moved to King Fahd Hospital by a specialized ambulance capable of dealing with such situations.
Source: Arab News