golden-tattooThe Burj Al Arab, the most iconic hotel in the world, has teamed up with a luxury jeweller to offer 24-carat golden ‘tattoos’ to guests.

The unique concept comes from French brand Marbella Paris , a hugely popular luxe e-store who will open their first ever salon in Dubai . The golden adornments are just part of the astonishing array of bedazzling jewellery available, which also includes Swarovski crystal eyeliners.

Each golden piece, which can adorn the face, body or hair, is ‘handmade and composed out of the finest materials with extreme meticulousness’ and is described as ‘self-adhesive, multi-wear and reusable’.

Marbella Paris’ website lists their products, ranging from Euro 15 for ‘Eyeliners Cat Eyes’ to 730 Euro for ‘Charlie’s Wings’, a crystal two-piece skin jewel set.