The Coral Beirut Al Hamra Hotel is all set to launch exciting new menu to diners at the Snug Restaurant as well as to guests who wish to avail the in-room service. Besides creating an array of new dishes to satiate all taste buds, the culinary team has also retained a few all-time favourite dishes, but that will be served with a twist.


To be unveiled by mid-September, the new menu features a la carte entrees composed of high-quality cut meat and seafood selections embellished with delectable seasons and sauces as well as vegetarian dishes straight from the garden.


Hartmut Grauel, General Manager of Coral Beirut Al Hamra Hotel, said that the new menu is perfect for locals and traveling guests alike. Similarly, it will cater equally to those who wish to relish a four-course meal and those who wish to have a bite on the go and prefer sandwiches or burgers.


He added, “Being a popular restaurant in the capital city frequented by food connoisseurs, it is important that we recreate our dishes regularly to give diners a new taste. However, while crafting a variety of new dishes, our chefs were guided by the guests’ penchant. Thus, while the diners will find a new flavour during breakfast, lunch or dinner, they will also find classic breakfast and lunch items that incorporate select signature dishes on the menu.”


To make a perfect starter to your meal, try Smoked Salmon Tartare (a rich and savory smoked salmon), Shrimps Hurricane (Crispy fried Mediterranean shrimps, mixed in homemade spicy sauce) and Crab Rolls (authentic American-Chinese appetizer, stuffed with cream cheese and crab sticks served with soy sauce).


The Lebanese Section will continue to feature ever popular Hommos, Motabbal, Tabboule, Fattouch, and Potato Harra, Chicken wings Provencal, Cheese rolls, Mixed grill and Shish Tawouk.


The menu offers classic pizza with a variety of toppings reflecting the craft of the culinary team. Take your pick. When it comes to Pasta, the list is equally rich. Choose from a variety of dishes, the simple and elegant Fettuccine Da Vinci (Fettuccine pasta folded into a parmesan-garlic creamy sauce with chicken and mushrooms) to Fettuccine Gamberetti (Fettuccine pasta folded into a Saffron creamy sauce with sautéed shrimps, topped with parmesan cheese) and Spaghetti Carbonara (Spaghetti pasta with crispy Turkey Bacon, parmesan cheese, egg yolk and a touch of cream).


Select signature dishes on the Main Course menu include Grilled Chicken Breast, Beef Tenderloin (Tender fillet steak grilled to your taste, served with steamed vegetables and mashed potatoes), Veal Picatta (Veal filet slices sautéed with capers and lemon butter sauce served with steamed vegetables and mashed potatoes), Atlantic salmon (Grilled Atlantic salmon with our special ratatouille & white rice), Grilled Fish Filet (A gold-brown grilled Hamour with our special ratatouille & white rice)


Among the ever-popular items that continue to feature in the new menu are Chicken Escalope (breaded chicken breast) and Swiss n’ Mushroom Burger (Hamburger topped with marinated mushrooms in homemade sauce & melted Swiss cheese).


The list of dessert is another astonishing addition. Try chocolate fondant with chocolate sauce & vanilla ice cream, Toffee cheese cake with vanilla ice cream), Brownie with duo sauces & vanilla ice cream, or Apple crumble with caramel sauce & vanilla ice cream.