The true spirit of Ramadan is embraced at Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha, in its bid to help the disadvantaged.

Ms Roxana Jaffer, CEO of Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha, has pledged that every Iftar meal at The Gem Garden restaurant enables funds to feed FOUR needy persons with its partner, United Nations, World Food Programme (WFP).  She promises **That is our PLEDGE**, ““Let us Break Fast Together and help feed the needy.”

Diners of Iftar at The Gem Garden this Ramadan will have the satisfaction of knowing that they have generated a donation to feed FOUR needy people around the world. This initiative is part of our endeavor to make the word a better place for everyone. Every child and human deserves the basics of life and the smallest contribution can make a difference. It takes only one dirham to provide a meal to a person in need and a dollar from the revenue generated is given to the cause”

The global food situation is undoubtedly disturbing. On average, WFP aims to bring food assistance to more than 80 million needy people in 75 countries around the world. WFP save lives by getting food to the hungry fast.

Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha launched the “Loves You Campaign” in 2007 as part of the hotel’s endeavor to go beyond the bottom-line to demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility. The backdrop of the campaign “Life isn’t worth living unless its lived for someone else” has allowed the hotel to inculcate within the staff members an ethos of giving and making a difference in the lives of  others who they can see are less fortunate than themselves.

In the five year’s since its initiation, the hotel staff have triumphantly held numerous awareness and fund-raising drives under this remarkable campaign thus providing, in their own small way, to building civil society in the UAE whilst aiding the needy.

“With your help, we have been able to feed 250, 000 children through the World Food Progamme. Our goal for 2015 is to support WFP’s emergency food assistance in most needed countries. In –house guests can help us to feed starving children around the world by making a voluntary donation of AED 5 upon check-out to feed 5 hungry children. In 2014 we had emergency food assistance delivered to 16, 500 people affected by the conflict in Syria. In 2013 we provided 115, 000 packs of high energy biscuits to the victims of typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. In 2012 we donated 74, 165 school meals around the world. This year, 2015 up to Ramadhan, we have managed to sustain over 50,000 people who suffered in the Nepal earthquake. Our work continues ….”

Diners can experience the true spirit of Ramadan while enjoying a sumptuous Iftar buffet at The Gem Garden for only AED109 per person with special rates for bookings of 10 persons and above.

The Gem Garden is a popular restaurant at Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha and will be offering a traditional Iftar Buffet featuring a lavish selection of Arabic and international dishes. Guests will enjoy, amongst other culinary delights, a wide array of salads, soups, main courses including grilled items. Making it extra special are refreshing Ramadan juices and a delectable variety of desserts. The authentic Middle Eastern ambience, beautiful setting and traditional music will further complement the experience of diners at the restaurant.