The employees of Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha, Citi, Alcatel Onetouch, Bloomberg and EFS Facilities Services partnered in an event yesterday to celebrate the true spirit of Ramadan by inviting low income workers from EFS for Iftar.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Citi’s Global Community Day, over 200 volunteers from Citi, Holiday Inn, Alcatel Onetouch and Bloomberg shared a meal with 150 low income workers yesterday at The Gem Garden restaurant at the Holiday Inn. To mark the occasion, Alcatel Onetouch donated 150 phones, Citi provided an additional 150 SIM cards and Holiday Inn donated toiletries to the EFS workers.

Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha launched the “Loves You Campaign” in 2007 as part of the hotels endeavor to go beyond the bottom-line to demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility. The backdrop of the campaign “Life isn’t worth living unless its lived for someone else” has allowed the hotel to inculcate within the staff members an ethos of giving and making a difference in the lives of  others who they can see are less fortunate than themselves.

Ms. Roxana Jaffer, CEO of Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha, has pledged that every Iftar meal at The Gem Garden restaurant will enable a donation to feed FOUR needy people in the world.  “Let us Break Fast Together and help feed the needy.”

Diners of Iftar at The Gem Garden this Ramadan will have the satisfaction of knowing that they have generated a donation to feed needy people around the world. This initiative is part of our endeavor to make the world a better place for everyone. Every child and human deserves the basics of life and the smallest contribution can make a difference. It takes only one dirham to provide a meal to a person in need and a dollar from the revenue generated is given to the cause”

Citi celebrates its 10th annual Global Community Day

This year Citi celebrates its 10th annual Global Community Day with more than 77,000 Citi volunteers in 487 cities spanning 93 countries and territories engage in activities to benefit their local communities. Supporters can learn more about Citi’s proud tradition of volunteerism and join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by following #CitiVolunteers.

“Global Community Day is a decade-long tradition of Citi employees, friends and family working alongside our partners in making a positive contribution to the communities we live in.” said Atiq Rehman, Citi’s Chief Executive Officer for the Middle East and North Africa. “This year we are delighted that Holiday Inn, Alcatel, EFS Facilities Services and Bloomberg have partnered with Citi volunteers in supporting the Global Community Day efforts and making this a memorable event. In the true spirit of Ramadan, we are humbled by the opportunity to share a meal with those who play an important role in our communities.”

Alcatel Onetouch donated 150 phones to 150 EFS workers.

Alcatel Onetouch takes pride in supporting charitable activities and with this initiative our goal is to help the workers stay connected to their families and friends with up-to-date and easy to use devices.  This process is being successfully driven by employee volunteerism, focused partnerships and in-kind donation around the world.

“Our commitment lies in making global communications more innovative, simple, sustainable and accessible for everyone worldwide,” said Zied Merichko, Head of Middle East, Alcatel Onetouch.

“As a brand, our priority is to give back to the community and we are pleased to have the opportunity of gifting up-to-date communication devices to the EFS workers. Our goal is to help them stay in touch with their family and friends.’’

EFS workers invited to celebrate Ramadan

Stephen Appleton – Chief Operating Officer “What a fantastic gesture in this extremely important time of year the sharing of the Iftar meal is something I know our staff will really appreciate where it ensures they spend time in enjoyment and the breaking of fast with friends. We at EFS are so proud of our association with Citi both as a customer and as a supplier and are truly overwhelmed by the generosity shown by both Citi and Alcatel. Thanks indeed.

In addition I’m both delighted and moved by the practicality and further generosity shown towards our workers the fantastic gesture of gifting the Alcatel 282 touch phone indeed ensures that our staff have the privilege of using this superb technology to great effect and allows individuals who away from family and friends to stay in touch, the inclusion of the SIM cards donated by Citi UAE ensures that the team have all they need to reach out to those people they miss.”