The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay announces an exciting new addition to its health and wellbeing offering: AntiGravity Aerial Yoga.

Situated on its own man-made island, Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay is the first urban resort in the Middle East to offer founder Christopher Harrison’s groundbreaking yoga technique, and has assigned an impressive natural light-filled yoga room at its unisex fitness facilities dedicated to the art of AntiGravity Arts.

Suitable for guests aged 16 and above, AntiGravity Fitness techniques utilise a silk hammock, enabling participants to take yoga into the three-dimensional realm. But it is not just for the athletic and adventurous: all abilities and body types can benefit from the highly therapeutic technique. Slightly suspended above the ground, AntiGravity Fitness provides relief to the physical body and facilitates the practice of zero-compression inverted postures.

One of the reasons AntiGravity Aerial Yoga stands out above all the rest is the additional emotional benefits. It relieves stress, is spiritually uplifting and provides a new and exciting alternative to exercising. Some even speak of the possibility of a rare out-of-body experience.

This highly specialised activity began in the United States in New York City and has since gained rapid popularity both nationally and internationally. Harrison was experimenting with the most extreme ways to defy gravity first on the stage. He began utilising trampolines and springs to achieve a fast-paced, pop culture-themed acrobatic act in the theatre and on TV. He eventually invented a new device that perfectly suited his needs – a silk hammock designed to withstand up to 300 kilograms. He named it the Harrison AntiGravity Hammock.