wonderful-expo2015EXPLORA, the Official Tourism Board of Expo Milan 2015, will be at the EMITT 2015 to introduce the brand Wonderfulexpo2015 to the Turkish Travel Market and Travel Trade Media.

More than 20 million tourists are expected to visit the Universal Exposition (EXPO) that will take place in Milan in 2015 from the 1st of May until 31st of October. For a duration of six months, tourists from all over the world will choose Milan, the Lombardy region and the Expo territories as the ideal destination to take full advantage of the countless leisure and business opportunities offered by the EXPO.

As the official Tourism Board of the Expo territories, EXPLORA represents the most qualified partner for all travel professionals from Turkey who want to provide their clients outstanding experiences both in preparation of EXPO 2015 and beyond. EXPLORA was created by EXPO 2015 in order to put the rich local tourist offerings in contact with the demand of the different markets worldwide, in cooperation with both the Turkey industry stakeholders (such as tour operators, travel agencies, hotels and other providers of tourist services) and institutions of the target country (such as Chambers of Commerce, Regions and Trade Associations).

To provide international TOs with all the information they need to create and market tailored tourism packages to their final clients, EXPLORA has created the so-called “Clubs of Product”. They consist of more than 40 different categories which group all the possible tourism experiences offered by the Expo territories, ranging from the food & wine experience on the Como Lake to shopping in Milano, from the Ski experience on the Alps to golf courts on the Garda Lake. In addition, they also include transfer services and other tourism, all of which can be booked directly on EXPLORA website.

With a desire to effectively promote the Expo 2015 territories as a touristic destination, EXPLORA has also created the brand Wonderfulexpo2015, which includes many innovative marketing tolls such as the B2B and B2C platform www.wonderfulexpo2015.info A highly innovative, socially focused platform with specifically targeted customers who will be able to interact with each other and write about their own experiences. It functions as a source of knowledge from which inspiration can be taken as well as a placem where you can grab all the information you need. It will be the main reference point for hotel bookings, tickets purchasing and customized tour guides; full of suggestions and travel tips, and available in 9 foreign languages with specific contents classified from a market perspective.

Expo Ticketing
EXPLORA gives tourism operators also the opportunity to buy entrance tickets at favorable prices with flexible conditions, making the EXPO 2015 a unique business opportunity not to be missed. By selling the destinations related to the Universal Exposition next year, you have the chance to increase the awareness of your clients towards new tourism experiences that will remain in your Tourism Packages in the years to come, enriching your tourism offer in the long term.

* NO minimum quantity of tickets required;
* NO requirement of bank guarantee;
* Possibility to purchase tickets from a minimum of 1 up to 1.500 units;
* 1% – 4% commissions guaranteed to the Tourism Operator, according to the number of tickets purchased.