Distribusion Technologies marks the launch of the first global distribution system (GDS) for intercity bus rides in Turkey. The company, which successfully started in Germany, aims to simplify the international sale of bus tickets that will benefit bus operators and travel resellers alike.

The travel tech startup connects international bus operators with travel resellers worldwide. Bus companies get access to multiple online and offline sales channels such as travel agencies, travel websites (OTAs) and mobility apps. Distribusion enables resellers to offer their customers a wide range of bus tickets through a single integrated booking platform.

Distribusion already provides the rides of more than 60 European bus operators to 3.500 travel agencies and dozens of online resellers with more than 2 million visitors per month. Distribusion successfully launched the GDS system in the German speaking market and now aims to integrate bus operators and sales channels in [your country] into the system.

The company draws on many years of experience in the bus market, with the founders having already established one of Germany’s most successful online platforms for buses.

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