Despite the conflicts in Yemen, the government plans to revive its tourism. In this context, the government is seeking to lure both local and international tourists to its Socotra Island — a safe haven compared to other Yemen destinations.

imageIt lies some 240 kilometers east of the Horn of Africa and 380 kilometers south of the Arabian Peninsula. The island is very isolated and a third of its plant life is found nowhere else on the planet. The island measures 132 kilometers in length and 49.7 kilometers in width.

Yemeni Minister of Tourism Moamar Al-Aryani assured that no terrorist groups will control the island. Only one location in Yemen has been specified as a safe destination for international tourism which is Socotra island.
The island is among the top 10 world islands with unique and diverse flora and fauna. The government of Yemen is seeking the help of the Arab Tourism Organization to convince not only tourists but also investors to trust Yemen.

Tourism in Yemen constitutes 3% of the GDP and the government seeks to increase it to reach 10% and 20% in a later stage.  The current situation in Yemen as if it is a “piece of cloth that is torn apart” and hoped the new  constitution will provide a “new cloth” that Yemen can put on and move on in its strategic plans.

The current security issues in the country have increased unemployment and decreased the hotel booking. This drove Yemen to focus more on local tourism and convince Yemenis living abroad to visit their home country along with the families.