Hamad-Airport-checkinQatar’s Hamad International Airport (HIA) keeps up with the latest innovations in technology and integrates best of breed technologies that would offer passengers more control and independence over their journey.

Travelers using the airport will enjoy fast and seamless passenger experience from check-in to boarding at every step of their journey that’s to the airport’s complimentary Wi-Fi and the iBeacon enabled mobile app that offers way-finding and context relevant information.

HIA became one of the first airports to support Home Printed Bag Tags (HPBT) and already provides self-service check-in.  It will soon be introducing its next generation common-use self-service check-in and self-service bag drop services which will enable passengers to check-in themselves, print their boarding pass and baggage tags, tag their bags and simply drop them off at the custom designed bag-drop system.  These services will be continuously enhanced to offer customers options such as excess baggage payment, ability to purchase upgrades and access to lounge services, in partnership with airlines.

HIA currently has 63 automated border control e-gates that allow enrolled nationals and permanent residents to swiftly pass through departure and arrival immigration process based on biometric and travel document verification. The airport is actively working with the responsible government authorities to extend these benefits to the large number of visitors to Qatar.

The airport is among a few in the world that are championing smart security and has ongoing trials using latest technology to optimize the security checks by speeding up the process and minimizing inconvenience to the passengers. HIA has also successfully completed trials for self-boarding gates to expedite passenger processing at boarding gates.

Strategically, HIA has initiated dialogue with government authorities and other airport stakeholders to co-create a vision for the next-generation single-token based travel at the airport that would provide the ultimate experience by eliminating the need for the passengers to present the same documentation at multiple touch points.