Rania-GamalDubai-based fitness guru, model and TV presenter Rania Gamal, who is also a frequent traveller, encourages everyone to consider healthy habits and staying fit when travelling.

“Travelling is one of the best things in life, it lets you explore different beautiful destinations, understand different cultures and makes you more open minded to different possibilities in life. When travelling, we are also privileged to enjoy different cuisines and taste sumptuous food selections but flight time, pre-planning and other travel-related activities can also exhaust us so we need to take care of our health as our quintessential priority and ensure that we never neglect our fitness and well-being. Below are my 6 Top Hot Tips to Stay Fit While Travelling especially now that huge exhibitions are coming up such as Arabian Travel Market that makes travelling more exciting than ever” Rania Gamal explained.

1) Plan and Have More Fun

Although impromptu travels and quick planning can be fun and exciting, it could be risky as well, especially when you are travelling with your kids or your family. A little planning goes a long way. Everything starts with a well organised trip so you wont be weary with pressures and problems that may come your way. The basics are to check a flight, there are many airlines flying to different destinations but I suggest you stick to an airline that serves healthy food and it is possible that you can check their website prior to your travel.

2) Heart is in the Right Place

It is also a given fact that you need to arrange a hotel prior to travelling, but the important things that you should consider is to ask if they have a gym or if there is an area that you can jog, if its near the metro so you can walk and you can lose the extra pounds that you will surely gain. Try to check the healthy restaurants and cafes that surrounds the area so when you arrive at your destination and the wifi is not working fast or a bit intermittent, you already know where to go. When travelling, it is important that your heart is not just happy but it is also in a healthy place.

3) Wander The Wonders of Water

It is easy to be dehydrated when you are travelling, starting from the plane so you have to drink as much water as you can. Try to avoid those juices that they serve as most of the time it contains sugar. It is also advisable to take a nap in the plane so you can recharge and feel energised when you touchdown at your destination.

4) Work your butt off the ladder

When I was featured in Cosmopolitan magazine last month, I have given them a special lesson for having and enhancing that eye-catching butt. However, if you have no time to follow that exercise while travelling, always opt for the stairs as what Queen B (Beyonce) always does. It will help you have a nice back and will also aid in losing extra shed of pounds. So the moment you entered that hotel, let the bell boy take the elevator and go search for the stairs and use it every time you go out and come back of your hotel room.

5) Take time to swim and be slim

I always ask for a hotel with a fitness club but a great swimming pool is always a plus. Swimming is one of the best exercises that one can do while travelling, it is also very enjoyable and therapeutic. After a jet lag or before a business meeting, it is advisable to relax and rejuvenate in the form of swimming. You can also try to do yoga as it will give you more energy and rejuvenation so dont forget to bring your mat.

6) Eat with a grain of salt

We usually tend to become more adventurous while travelling but counting calories is not the only issue here, a lot of times tourist get food poison or stomach upset to a ‘stranger’ food just because your body is simply telling you that it is a foreign substance that he or she is not used to. There is no harm in trying but not when it comes to food and health. It might be a cliche but you always have to take whatever you eat with a grain of salt.

To know more about staying sexy and fit while travelling or if you want to learn more about healthy recipes or if you need her to be your personal fitness advisor, you can privately message Rania on her Instagram account here. Rania Gamal is also soon to be featured on a TV show that will showcase different work outs that will aid you to get your best shape and lose those stubborn fats.