MakkahAssociation of British Hujjaj (Pilgrims) UK ABH a National organisation working for the welfare and well being of Hajj/Umrah pilgrims welcomes the statements issued by the Hajj Minister of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Bentin that they have “taken many preventive measures and procedures that will not repeat what happened last time” and Saudi authorities are still continuing to review the deadly stampede which struck last year’s Hajj pilgrimage.

The tragedy occurred despite of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia spending millions of dollars on improving infrastructure to facilitate Hajj arrangements and to ensure the safety and comfort of millions of pilgrims.

ABH strongly urges relevant authorities to leave no stone unturned to prevent any future Hajj disasters as this year’s annual Hajj is just around the corner. Lessons must be learnt from last year’s Hajj to protect pilgrims. It was highly regrettable that innocent pilgrims lost their precious lives in such terrible circumstances. Horrific scenes of the stampede aftermath and pictures and reports coming through caused immense grief and distress throughout the world.

One of the major contributory factors which are highlighted at the time of stampede was the great heat and fatigue. The temperature in Mina at that time reached up to 46 degree Celsius. Pilgrims were already dehydrated and fainting before the stampede. The heart breaking human disaster could have been prevented if the pilgrims were equipped with life saving health and safety information and precautionary measures.

ABH strongly urges the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and all the relevant governments from around the world that awareness of health and safety precautions is extremely vital to prevent any future human disasters during the Hajj. Training and awareness of life saving health and safety precautions must be made mandatory for all prospective pilgrims in order to perform a safe Hajj in peace and harmony.