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Residents in the United Arab Emirates can now apply for visas to Cyprus at a new visa application centre launched in Abu Dhabi.


Abu Dhabi is the second city in the United Arab Emirates, after Dubai , from where applicants can apply for a visa to Cyprus.

Both centres serve the growing needs of outbound travellers from the UAE. With Cyprus emerging as a popular travel destination, applicants will find the modern and professionally-staffed centres that have been set up in prime locations, as an added convenience when applying for their Cyprus visas.

The new centre in Abu Dhabi is located at the Joint Visa Application Centre, Level 25, Shining Tower, King Khalid Bin Abdel Aziz, 26th Street, Abu Dhabi. Services at this location commenced from 06 April 2016.

Business hours: 09:00hrs to 17:00hrs (Sunday to Thursday)

Submission Timings: 09:00hrs – 15:00hrs | Sunday – Thursday (except holidays as declared by the Embassy)

Passport Collection: 09:00hrs – 17:00hrs | Sunday – Thursday (except holidays as declared by the Embassy)