vfs-globalResidents of Kuwait can now apply for visas to the Netherlands at a new Visa Application Centre launched by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kuwait City. Applicants can visit the VFS Global centre to submit visa applications and enrol for biometrics in a centrally-located and comfortable environment.

Kuwait is the seventh country in the Middle East, from where applicants can apply for a visa to the Netherlands. The centre is located at 1st Floor, Albanwan Bldg, Ali Alsalem Street, Kuwait City, Kuwait. Services at this location commenced from 04 April 2016.

The Netherlands joins 8 other Schengen client governments offering visa services at the same centre, making it more convenient for travellers planning multiple business or leisure trips abroad to apply at a single location.

VFS Global serves a total of 13 client governments in Kuwait, and has operated visa processing services in the country since 2005. The company has partnered with the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands since 2006, and serves the client in 24 countries from 54 visa application centres globally.