haj-kabeThe Association of British Hujjaj (Pilgrims) UK (ABH), a National Hajj specific organisation working for the welfare and wellbeing of pilgrims, has strongly condemned the culture of corruption and exploitation promoted by some rogue and unscrupulous Hajj service providers which is tightening its grip.

These service providers are indulging in all sorts of malpractice and exploitation, which is causing extreme hardship, trauma, financial exploitation, and mental anguish to the innocent and vulnerable pilgrims from around the world including sick, elderly and the disabled.

Hajj pilgrims are angry and frustrated about the persisting price hike and obscene prices they are being charged for the services. In contrary, accommodations prices are being dropped up to 80% in Makkah during this year’s Hajj compared to previous years due to the decline in the number of pilgrims. It is a total rip-off compared to similar travel packages to other travel destinations around the world, in view that many pilgrims are likely to have spent their life-savings to fulfil their desires and wishes to perform their religious obligations.

The worsening situation of exploitation of vulnerable pilgrims has emerged as a great challenge for the authorities in Saudi Arabia and around the world. The Association of British Hujjaj (Pilgrims) UK strongly urges the relevant authorities that the Hajj service providers must not be allowed to take undue advantage of vulnerable Hajj pilgrims in this civilised world. Relevant authorities should take stern action to eliminate malpractice, immoral and unethical activities of the rogue Hajj service providers in order to allow the pilgrims to perform their religious obligations without undue financial stress, hardship or difficulty.