Ajman-Palace-HotelIn a bid to attract wellness tourism, The Ajman Palace Hotel is all set to welcome a group of tourists from Ukraine for a Detox Tour programme. The weeklong tour is scheduled from 23rd to 30th September.

The stay includes well-thought of routine of exercises and yoga sessions combined with a daily revival spa treatments throughout the week. The exercises consist of Pilates and yoga along with other workout sessions. To make the tour successful, food experts at the hotel will help the participants with individually created nutritional plan.

Ferghal Purcell, General Manager of The Ajman Palace Hotel, said, “We are a perfect venue for this tour offering a quiet and relaxing location by the beach, with beautiful green lawns for workout, state-of-the-art gym with advanced equipment, Jacuzzi, sauna and steam. Our award-winning team of chefs is working on a special menu for the participants that is being created to offer the right mix of nutrition and taste.”

Equally exciting are the revival spa treatments ranging from cosmetology, scrubs and wraps, to a mix of fabulous massage options. The customers can choose a tailor-made programme based on their individual requirements. Additionally, various experts will work with the participants to achieve the right body and mind balance.

Similar customised programmes are on offer for other travellers at the hotel. These are created on a case-to-case requirement of specific groups who are then charged accordingly.