Thousands joined the celebrations in Downtown Dubai to watch the magnificent New Year’s Eve fireworks spectacle around Dubai’s new icon; Burj Khalifa. The dazzling event also reached billions through live television feeds and a real-time experience via Twitter Live Stream.

Moments before the stroke of midnight, Downtown Dubai was enveloped in a blanket of darkness. Then to the sounds of a special musical composition by Dhabiwood Studios, played by more than 80 musicians and recorded in studios in Dubai and Cairo, the spectacle unfolded.

A glittering falcon took flight in the night sky to announce the imminent arrival of the New Year, and the countdown commenced with a fascinating play of lights and laser, leading to the moment that the world waited for as Burj Khalifa glittered in the fireworks.

Across Downtown Dubai, fireworks, pyrotechnics, laser shows and LED displays in multiple hues created intricate motifs and patterns. Adding more magic was The Dubai Fountain, specially choreographed with water and fire.