The Arab Culturalist FZ LCC (TAC) announced an Education Initiative in cooperation with Les Clefs d’Or United Arab Emirates to improve knowledge about Arabs, GCC and Emirati culture within the hospitality industry.
On January 29th, 2017 The Arab Culturalist FZ LLC founder and CEO Mr. Nasif Kayed will hold a free 1 day workshop that focuses on building Inter-cultural knowledge and communication skills as well as to establish and promote high professional and ethical standards among the members of Les Clef d’Or professional organization of Concierge.

Executive Committee of Les Clefs d’Or UAE headed by Abey Sam have worked hard for this event to transpire towards the success.

“Since the chapter’s formation in 2010, the association whose bonding motto is “in service through friendship” has been a source of support to the many nationalities traveling to the UAE.” says Aby Sam, current Chapter President.
Les Clefs d’Or (Golden Key) Concierges, recognized by the crossed golden keys worn on the lapels of their uniforms, are considered experts in their field and models for service excellence. Millions of discerning hotel guests relies on their advice and guidance.

“When people arrive in the UAE, many do not know what to expect, and may have questions about Emirati culture. For tourists, the concierge may be the first point of contact. It is imperative that they have accurate information about the UAE and its people, beyond just the best restaurant and top places to visit while here.” Says, Nasif Kayed Founder and CEO of the Arab Culturalist.

The 1 day workshop is meant to give HR Managers and Directors knowledge about local and regional cultural norms and habits, and the skills to build their respective team’s knowledge. This program will also touch on workplace etiquette and ethics which in turn promote cultural understanding within their workplace environment. These skills will be critical as the country begins to prepare for welcoming the world to Expo 2020 by enhancing our knowledge of all cultures, building on the similarities rather than emphasizing the differences.

Nasif Kayed is a Certified Advanced Facilitator in CQ® Cultural Intelligence and an Expert on Arab and Emirati Culture. The Arab Culturalist’s motto, “culture is everything and everything is culture”, focuses on promoting peaceful coexistence and tolerance in the region through mutual understand and skill building that connects people. TAC team is equipped with the scientifically validated strategies to build knowledge and the capability to train within the hospitality industry, travel institutions and corporations doing business in Dubai which in return will help them to excel regionally and globally.