Rebranding the name of the frequent flyer program comes in line with RJ’s business plan to restructure the program to strengthen its offerings, make it more rewarding, engaging and member friendly; which is part of the overall turnaround plan RJ is currently implementing.

The renaming campaign will last until Feb. 27, 2018.  Those interested in suggesting the rebranding name can visit the following link:, available on RJ’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. The name should follow certain criteria: a one- or two-word name that should work in both Arabic and English, and reflect pride; it should relate to Royal Jordanian and flying. The tone should be premium and elegant, yet the name itself should be catchy and easy to read and pronounce.

RJ President/CEO Stefan Pichler said: “We listen to our customers. Royal Jordanian listens to the Jordanian people. We are the proud national carrier of Jordan and its ambassador of goodwill overseas, which contributes to the country’s growth and prosperity.”

He added: “We want all Jordanians to share their suggestions with us to shape the new and improved member-award program by suggesting a name for it. This name should reflect the inspirational and unifying Royal Crown which is part of our strong brand.”

Pichler noted that “the frequent flyer program is a major asset for our company as it could help increase customers’ loyalty to the airline and encourage the purchase of additional products. That is why we are moving to promote the program and develop a sound and profitable business model”.

 “We care about our customers’ opinion and feedback, and that is what keeps us constantly looking to improve the services we offer to our guests. Waiting for your suggestions!” he concluded.