Burj Khalifa in Dubai was again the epicenter of New Year celebration. Despite the emirate’s usual annual fireworks for the New Year’s Eve, this year the world’s tallest building welcomed new year not with fireworks but with a light show.

The light show named ‘Light Up 2018’ on Burj Khalifa covered a surface area of 109,252 sq meters, more than double that of the earlier Guinness World record set on the ICC Building in Hong Kong in 2013.

Early visitors were kept entertained with fountain shows at 20-minute intervals and burst of light projecting from the center of Burj Khalifa imitating a pulse and teasing but a small fraction of the extravaganza to come.

Ten minutes before the show was due to begin, Burj Khalifa’s lights were turned off, building anticipation.

At exactly 12 am, the tower began pulsating blue light as crowds armed with mobile phones lifted them to begin recording.

The timer counted down from ten and the words “Happy New Year” was displayed to roaring cheers.

Between geometric patterns and calligraphy, images of sand dunes and a flying eagle were also projected.

Fountains danced in time and the show ended with “2018” and “Year of Zayed” emblazoned atop a background of the UAE flag. Moments later, the display changed to inform the crowds that the world record had been broken.

photo credit: Christopher Pike / The National