Deutsche Hospitality enables business customers to reserve conference rooms directly online without having to obtain a cost estimate from the hotel beforehand.

Booking a conference room will be available thanks to a new MICE booking software that will be announced at IMEX Frankfurt which is taking place on 15-17 May 2018.

The aim is to make this service available to clients of all Deutsche Hospitality brands before the end of the year once a successful piloting phase has taken place. Such a move will make Deutsche Hospitality the first hotel company to offer a dedicated and self-developed online booking facility for conferences and events that meet the requirements of both parties involved.

As well as continuing to permit the submission of non-binding inquiries and the direct rebooking of conference rooms, this new digitalization offensive will also enable customers to filter preferences, use their own ideas as a source of inspiration and seek guidance from existing provision. In developing this software, Deutsche Hospitality is further enhancing the independence it enjoys in the field of direct sales and demonstrating that it possesses the necessary agility to achieve success in the digital age. These endeavors will be complemented by the availability of various opportunities for personalization during the upcoming test phases. All visitors to the group’s websites will thus be able to enjoy a precisely tailored experience.