Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet continues its support to local producers and in keeping with the tradition of promoting local Turkish cuisines, now presents Kars Cuisine Week. Kars is known for its cold climate as well as a rich cuisine filled with authentic, hearty local flavors. Exclusive dishes created by guest chef Nuran Özyılmaz will be served in the impressive setting of Seasons Restaurant and bring the rich food culture of Kars to foodies with discerning palates.

With a passion for food and attention to service, Nuran Özyılmaz, who serves local flavors at the famous Kars Kaz Evi (Kars Goose House), will bring the authentic dishes of Kars to Seasons Restaurant from March 22 to March 30, 2019. This feast of flavors offered with the elegant and refined service of Four Seasons Hotel Sultanahmet can be experienced as a tasting menu or à la carte. The Tasting Menu starts with evelik soup, made with green lentils, potatoes, and cracked wheat. Hengel, Kars style homemade dumplings, is served with browned onions and plain or garlic yogurt and olive oil, appealing to various palates. After meat-stuffed cabbage wraps and sweet basil sherbet, the legendary Kars duck and bulgur pilaf made with duck bone broth are served.

The desserts of this exclusive menu are equally delicious. Kars halvah served with walnuts and ice cream, and cevizli sucuk, a delicacy made with walnuts dipped in molasses, complete the Kars menu on a perfect note.

Guests who prefer to enjoy the authentic Kars flavors à la carte will be offered the options in the tasting menu as well as kesme aşı soup, with homemade noodles and green lentils, and piti, made with lamb shank, chickpeas, and turmeric, for a memorable culinary experience.

For bookings: 0090 212 402 31 50.